Front-end development covers the client services side. Front end developers optimize all the features of an application that a client or site user can see or interact with when web browsing or using a mobile device.
The back end of web development covers the servers, databases, and all the internal framework that steers the application. Back end developers tweak the software code to consistently improve the application’s communication with servers, databases, or other software programming that relay information to front end interfaces. Typically, the client or end-user never interacts directly with the back end.
Because of the versatility in the function, a full stack developer, is required to:
Have competency in diverse scripting & programming languages:
HTML, CSS, Javascript (front end scripting languages) and prepackaged code libraries or content management systems like WordPress
Python, PHP, NodeJS, Ruby Version (back end programming languages)
API: REST, SOAP (Procedural Languages)
HTTP (Protocol language)